Time Remaining : 1440 minutes i.e. 24 hours , Take your own time.

Question 1

There is stone weighing 125 kg on the top of a hill. One day, the stone suddenly due to some reason, starts sliding from the hill and gets broken in pieces. While sliding it gets broken down in several small stones , each having a integer weight, and no loss of mass considered. Suppose it gets split into n small stones.
Now weight of the stones are quite interesting. Tom standing on the top of the hill realise that by doing addition and subtraction of the weights of the stones, using weight of each stone exactly once , he was able to make most of the numbers from 1 to 125.
But still he could not form some m numbers ranging from 1 to 125. But he realises that they are such that value of m+n is minimum.
Can you also tell the minimum value of m+n?