What Is Technopedia?

Technopedia is the online module of Technothlon providing its students with an ultimate experience of the prelims beforehand. With the monthly quizzes, Technopedia aims at keeping the young minds involved in brainstorming questions and helping them prepare for the prelims. Only the students who have registered for Technothlon may log into Technopedia using either their email id or their roll number and password.


  • Technopedia contains 10 questions.
  • All the questions are multiple choice with 4 options. Only one of them is the correct answer.
  • Once you begin the quiz, you'll get 24 hours to attempt Technopedia. After 24hrs your score will get generated automatically!
  • A team can attempt Technopedia only once in each month.
  • Note that this is a team challenge. Members of a team are expected to attempt it together.
  • Any form of cheating if found will lead to disqualification from technopedia.