Question 1

Two people A & B plays a game in which they alternatively took out 2,3, or 5 balls from a bag and who is left with no option to pick balls will lose the game.

***players are smart enough to not risk their match with wrong move.

“N” matches are planned and there are “N” number of balls in the “N th” match .
Matches are started by  A .

WHAT is the minimum value of “N” for which “B” must have won at least “20” matches .

Comments on Question 1


D :70

B will only win when  N/7 gives remainder as 0 or 1

7 because at min 2 can be drawn and at max 5 so at climax time approx. 7 would be deciding winner

so we perform check for 1,2,3,……..7
and got above result